How Agile enhances the civic process

When new ideas are floating on the air, some minds are ready to catch them, anywhere they are.

I just discovered this evening the practical work described by Gery Kirk in July 2011 : "Democracy unleashed: bringing agility to citizen engagement". His  insight report community engagement is indeed one possible (among many others) application of the principles described in the Manifesto for Agile Development of Democracy. It is worth a read !

You may prefer to modify some of Gery's recommendations to best fit in your own case. That's why I have written the Manifesto for Agile Development of Democracy, to serve as a guide for any possible customisation of agile democracy practices. Some of the principles are always mandatory (for instance principle 12), others are not. But the more principles you will be able to follow, the more effective and democratic your engagement will be. 

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