Magazine of Political Anticipation #4 : To anticipate is to foresee in order to act

Because public speaking is a political act, and because the citizens' initiative of the Magazine of Political Anticipation responds appropriately and in an innovative way to the challenges of our time, you will be really interested in the newly published MAP #4, freely downloadable.

Contents :

EDITO- To anticipate is to foresee in order to act (p.2)

WORLD GOVERNANCE - Advice to the G20 leaders : the G20’s three strategic priorities in 2012/2014 to avoid a “tragic decade” (p.4)

NEW GOVERNANCE - Towards a trans- European referendum on the issues of new governance ? (p.9)

USER'S GUIDE - Evaluating the anticipation (p.12)

ANTICIPATION: The “Day After” (the 2012 US Presidential Election) (p.14)

SOCIAL STUDIES - 2012 Emergence of maternal governance (p.20)

FUTURHEBDO- We need you ! (p.26)

FICTION - Isaac Asimov: Foundation et Psychohistory (p.28)

The political anticipation on the issue of democratic governance in Euroland is particularly crucial for all European citizens who are concerned about their future security.

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