Panels : Six key reforms for a democratic governance of Euroland

 After the electoral success of "True Finns”, the disputes about refugees from North Africa, the questioning of "Schengen" by the Danish government, the violent protests in Greece, the rise of the youth in Spain and the growing grumbling on the Euro: even obtuse people now realize that the work of the century, the European integration, is likely to collapse if the "true Europeans" - which must also be "true democrats" - do not take finally the bull by the horns.
EU, or at least its most integrated structure “Euroland”, need today critical thinking, courage and energy of involvement, in short, political commitment and takeover from its citizens.
Changes can only come from Europeans themselves who recognize that Euroland is their chance in the modern world and assert firmly their political involvement at the Euroland level.
Euroland has no future if its citizens are not big part of those who invent this future. These citizens, the young generations, are already in the streets in Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Germany, France, Italy...
claiming for real democracy inside Euroland, the right to defend their rights, their values, and above all their future completely messed up by the crisis and the lack of vision of Euroland leaders. Young and older generations have to work together and implement the tools for a real true democratic Euroland, which
can guarantee a better future for the ones and respect the aspirations of the others. Thus we call for the implementation of a trans-generational Euroland-pact, or the gap will not only accelerate between citizens and institutions but also between generations.
The first congress of the "Euroland Democratic Front" organised by NewropMag will try to launch beneath other initiatives a first discussion on six key reforms which are essential for 300 million “Eurolanders” to take a grip. Six panels structure the debates in which everyone is invited to have his say and develop brand new
proposals to shape the democratic future of Euroland governance. The main topics are introduced by the panellists guiding open debates with the attendance.
The debates will be relayed via internet (video streaming of the debates), and aims to help 300 million citizens of Euroland to finally grasp of the issues that concern them all.
We share the same money, we share the same crisis, we share the same austerity... so join and share your visions and values: real democracy, intragenerational pact, Schengen, immigration, after Fukushima, global crisis and international relations, rationalisation, understanding and control...
Be part of  participants to shape the future democratic governance of Euroland. Paris 2nd & 3rd July 2011.

See the full program.

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